Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bertie & Elizabeth

 Bertie & Elizabeth is a 2002 television film produced by Carlton Television. This film is about the lives of George VI (Bertie) and his wife, Queen Elizabeth from their first meeting to George's untimely death.

      James Wilby as King George VI
      Juliet Aubrey as Queen Elizabeth

The Movie begins with Bertie's & Elizabeth's first meeting. Which follows with the courtship and marriage. After Edward VIII's abdication, Bertie is made King George VI. Bertie at first is still very inexperienced but by the end of the movie, he is seen as the 'People's King', the very symbol of the monarchy. The movie also shows the lives of the couple during World War II.  When the war is over, the movie shows Queen Elizabeth II to Prince Philip of Greece. The movie ends with George's illness that eventually led to his death.

I give this movie a 2/5. I found it very short (although I later found out that it was 2 hours long). It wasn't that special. It was a little boring really. The acting wasn't that good. I REALLY DIDN'T ENJOY THIS. Some people might but I am not one of those peoples. I would not recommend this to the viewers.  

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