Friday, March 14, 2014

Reign (Episode 13 & 14)

Reign is a 2013-2014 TV series, broadcasting on the CW network, on Mary, Queen of Scots stay at the French court during the 1550s. On February 13, 2014, the show was renewed for a second season.

Adelaide Kane as Mary, Queen of Scots
Alan Van Sprang as King Henry II of France
Anna Popplewell as Lola

Mary's Mother, Marie de Guise, comes to France and advises Mary not to marry Basch. This is supported by Nostradamus who has stopped having visions of Francis's death after Clarissa has died. He comes to the conclusion that because the prophecy only referred to Catherine's first child, in this case being Clarissa from an adulterous affair, then Francis will not die if he marries Mary. When Francis returns to Court, Catherine advises her son to pursue marry, promising that she will bring them no further harm. Basch and Francis fight over Mary after Basch tries to elope with Mary. The Queen of Scotland must choose who she will marry and in the end, it is Francis who she loves. Catherine is pardoned by Henry in time for their eldest son's impending nuptials. Nostradamus is horrified to discover that Clarissa is still alive while Mary is shocked to discover that it was her mother who faked the news about England's Queen in order to push her to marry Francis. Nostradamus has another vision in which both Mary and Francis are happy but Francis dies only a year into the marriage. Henry forces Basch to watch Mary and Francis consummate their marriage before he is escorted out of the castle. Believing that the guards were ordered to kill them, Basch kills them first and runs off into the forest.

Mary and Francis return after a two month honeymoon in time for the arrival of Archduke Ferdinand of Bohemia and his sister. Henry seduces the Archduke's sister and while they have sex, she accidentally falls out of a window to her ill timed death. Henry calls on Catherine to help him dispose of the body and come up with a good excuse for her apparent death and in the process, during which he comes to realize why he and Catherine made a good match in the first place. Basch is hunting in the woods when he meets a Huntress named Rowan and her brother. They find Olivia, who is so traumatized by what has happened to her that she cuts herself out of fear. Basch takes her to Nostradamus and while in some sort of daze, she stabs a priest that came to comfort her.  Henry tries to pass Kenna off to the Archduke but he leaves after hearing of his sister's untimely death. Mary discovers that Lola is pregnant with Francis's child and stops her from having a potentially life threatening abortion. 

I give the episode 13 1.5/5 and episode 14 2.5/5. I don't have much to say about last week's episode because it was so boring (which may explain why I didn't review it last week). It's strange that for all the bad things I say about this show, I've never called it boring before. Episode 14 was definitely much better and would have been considered fresh in my opinion had it not been for the fact that it wasn't so god damn ridiculous. He kills her by accidentally dropping her out the window when they have sex...and then he nearly does it again with Kenna! WHAT A WAY TO GO! The Kenna x Ferdinand subplot was okay but one thing that bothered me was that even though they hammed it up that Ferdinand was very religious, they did say that he was married before so I don't get why he was blushing like a virgin the entire episode through when Kenna was seducing him.

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