Friday, April 2, 2010

Goong T

Goong T is a 2006 parody of the Korean Drama Goong S (also known as Prince Hours) by the sub Super Junior group, Super Junior T.

Eeteuk (Park Jung-soo) - Prince Eeteuk

Eunhyuk (Lee Hyuk-jae) - Prince Eunhyuk
Heechul (Kim Heechul) - Lady Hwang Jini
Kangin ( Kim Young-woon) - Eunuch Kang 
Sungmin (Lee Sung-min) - Lady Heebin
Shindong (Shin Dong-hee) - Prince Eunhyuk's Friend

The plot behind Goong T is similar to Goong S in the aspect that is based on the fictional world of a constitutional monarchy in present day South Korea and the story of a commoner that becomes a Prince. Lady Heebin, the most powerful woman in all of Korea, plots to place her son, Prince Eunhyuk, on the throne. Lady Heebin is quite fond of her son and treasures him dearly. She loves to play with her son, especially to look at the 'T' shaped mole on his stomach that he inherited from her.

But all does not go well for Lady Heebin when the 1st heir to the throne, Prince Eeteuk arrives. Prince Eeteuk is the son of the former Queen who was chased out of the palace for doing "bad" things. And as the first born son, Eeteuk is to inherited the throne blocking Eunhyuk from achieving the crown. She begins a plot to over throw the ill-fated son of the previous Queen.

Lady Hwang Jini, third daughter of the Prime Minister of Korea, is engaged to Prince Eunhyuk. The Prince loves his fiance dearly although his feelings are not returned. Jini falls for the dashing Eeteuk after he saves her when she falls off the balcony. The feeling is mutual and the two begin a love affair. Violent feelings between the 1st Prince and the 2nd flare up when Eunhyuk catches the lovers in the act of making out.

The 2nd Prince's devilish friend, Shindong (described as the Prince's friend with no other life), constantly harries Eunhyuk's rival for the throne. Shindong devises a plan using Eunuch Kang ( The Eunuch, who has a crush on the evil crony, is bribed by ticket to see a movie with his unrequited love) to break up the happy couple of Jini and Eeteuk. This ultimately fails with Jini's resolve to remain with Eeteuk forever and that nothing will stop them from being together. The Crown Prince cements this promise with his lady love by kissing her forehead. This forces the sad Eunuch to admit that they are a 'beautiful couple'.

Lady Heebin is forced to apply the dark arts in order to stop Eeteuk from taking her beloved son's "rightful" place. She uses a voodoo image to curse the poor prince which ultimately leads to his death (via the cursed image). After killing Prince Eeteuk in cold blood, it is revealed by the Court Lady and Prince Eunhyuk that Prince Eeteuk is in actuality the biological son of Lady Heebin. Prince Eunhyuk is in fact the son of the exiled Queen. The Court Lady (who had been a staunch supporter of the previous Queen because the Queen had taken her in and raised her well) had switched the two babies at the request of the Ex-Queen in revenge for the Lady framing the former Queen and casting her out of the palace for crims she didn't commit. To prove their point, Prince Eunhyuk shows the 'T' shaped mole he supposedly inherited from his "Mother" which turns out only to be made of marker. Upon realizing this Heebin checks the deceased prince lying on her floor who indeed has the mole and it's REAL. The brokenhearted Heebin cries over the loss of her biological son. And thus ends the dramatic tale of Goong T.

I give this movie 4/5. I found that the plot very entertaining in the allotted 40 minutes of the show. A funny thing to remember is that all the actors are male (with the exception of the Court Lady). In my opinion Eeteuk played the perfect fairy tale prince. He played the concept of being the a thorough romantic exceptionally. His performance in this will win him plenty of fans girls (as it has done with yours truly). Lady Heebin who played by Sungmin was fabulous. I feel that Sungmin did his role superbly and to make it all better he actually looked like a beautiful FEMALE royal figure. Eunhyuk is played a very wonderful evil and spoiled prince. I'm glad that they chose him for that role. Heechul could have worked on his role a bit more and the look of the character looked a bit shabby. This show doesn't have the budget of a major motion picture and not that historically accurate but it still very entertaining and funny with lots of drama and romance. If you're bored, I suggest you try this out for lots of laughs.    

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