Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Tudor Queens of England

The Tudor Queens of England is a 2009 book written by David Loades.

The books traces the lives of 14 Tudor Queens:

-Catherine of Valois 
-Margaret of Anjou
-Elizabeth Woodville
-Elizabeth of York
-Catherine of Aragon
-Anne Boleyn
-Jane Seymour
-Anne of Cleves
-Catherine Howard
-Catherine Parr
-Jane Grey
-Mary, Queen of Scots
-Mary I of England
-Elizabeth I of England

I give this book a 2/5. It didn't stand out that well for me as a read. Nothing really that would hold your attention or offer you facts that you didn't already know. The only new thing that I learned in this book was scrapes of information on the Tudor's claim to the English throne. The only good point in this story is that they divided the sections well and placed the information correctly. I would only suggest this book for SHORT reads.

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