Sunday, May 25, 2014

I Wanna Marry Harry (Episode 1)

I Wanna Marry Harry is a 2014 reality television show about twelve women vying for the hand of who they think is  Prince Henry of Wales. In reality, the bachelor whose affection they seek is Matthew Hicks, a Harry lookalike. The first episode premier on May 20, 2014.

Matthew Hick is a twenty two year old British man who works for an environmental consulting firm. To become "Prince Harry", he dyed his naturally blond hair red and went through "princely" training. I am Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales, born September 15, 1984.

The women gather at Englefield House. They include....

Carley Hawkins
Rose Copeland 
Meghan  Ramsey
Maggie Toraason
Kimberly Birch
Kelley Andrews
Karina Kennedy
Jacqueline Conroy
Chelsea Brookshire
Anna Lisa Matias
Andrea Fox
Leah Thom - Eliminated

I give this episode 3/5. I see how the ruse works. When you first hear the premise of the show, you think 'That is absolutely ridiculous' but how the show stops short of stealing Prince Harry's identity is that everything is implied. Could this ruse work on me? I'm just going to go out of my way and say no, given that this is a monarchist media blog. But there is 0.0000001% chance that I could seeing as - yes, I'm ashamed to admit it - I don't know what Prince Harry sounds like. Matt Hicks has a great name - but that's the best thing about him. He's a little bland but the British accent should clear that right up! The girls come to the conclusion all on there own - which makes things a whole lot worse for the twelve women involved in this show. Even though I don't know what the word 'ratchet' means, I think I can safely describe all twelve girls as 'ratchet'. Their sophistication level can be summed up in the sentence "I'm going to shank you in the night." - Oh Rose, you craycray. They all look like the real Bachelor rejects. In my honest opinion, I'm a little glad that Leah was sent home because her hair was nasty! It's certainly mind numbing entertainment. I feel the same watching this show as I would when watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians - Dayum girl! I can't wait for the second episode - I hope no one cancels this show.

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