Friday, December 6, 2013

Reign (Episode 7)

Reign is a 2013 TV series, broadcasting on the CW network, on Mary, Queen of Scots stay at the French court during the 1550s. This episode was able to garner an audience of 1.66 million people.

Adelaide Kane as Mary, Queen of Scots
Torrance Coombs as Sebastian "Basch"

While Henry is away putting down a rebellion in Lorraine, Count Vincent of Naples takes the castle hostage. He has come to seek revenge for his son, Roberto, who was taken hostage by King Henry and returned at the price of 1500 ducats. Roberto died of dysentery on the return home and now Vincent wants the Valois to suffer like he has. Francis offers himself up as a hostage in lieu of Mary.

Catherine and Mary join forces because of their love for Frances. At first, Mary and her ladies are suspicious of Catherine but she wins them over with the story of her youth during the Florentine Revolt. With the help of Clarissa, Mary devises a plan to sneak everyone out of the palace through the underground tunnels. While Mary and her ladies attend a dinner with Vincent and his men, Francis leads the others to safety. Olivia is left behind to allow Mary and her ladies-in-waiting into the secret passageway.

Basch is detained by the Italians yet he is well treated by them. It turns out Diane de Poitier has bribed the men into making sure her son is comfortable. She is desirous that Sebastian be legitimized and made king in Francis's place.

When Mary, Kenna, Aylee and Lola make their way to the wall, they discover that they are locked out. Olivia has abandoned her post, getting herself lost in the tunnels. They are forced to return to the feast where Vincent and his men attempt to rape them. Catherine saves their virtue by poisoning the men. Vincent is killed when Mary stabs him in the throat.

Mary and Francis reconcile and they consummate their love for one another.

I give this episode 3/5. Megan Follows as Queen Catherine was definitely the best part of the episode. I thought she played to the strengths and weaknesses of her character extremely well. In fact, I think she is the best part of the show. Oh my stars, was the show actually historically accurate for once?! Sweet Lordy! Maybe it's because I'm a little conservative but I always get the feeling that Francis is a bit of a jerk to his mother - the woman from whose womb he sprang forth! Francis's sudden change of heart with Olivia was too sudden (like much in this series) although I did like what happened to her in the episode. So finally, Francis comes to terms with his feelings for Mary - finally. While I get that their emotional distress facilitated their coming together, I thought it was a little unnecessary. They're getting married soon...why not wait?

On a lighter note, I absolutely adored Mary's dresses in this episode. While not clothes I would ever wear in 16th century France, I might consider purchasing one of her dresses for Winter Formal.  

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