Friday, December 13, 2013

Reign (Episode 8)

Reign is a 2013 TV series, broadcasting on the CW network, on Mary, Queen of Scots stay at the French court during the 1550s. 

Adelaide Kane as Mary, Queen of Scots
Alan Van Sprang as King Henry II of France
Anna Walton as Diane de Poitier

Mary and Francis have now consummated their love for one another so all that's left is for them to marry. But they are set to marry sooner than they thought because the following day, Henry announces that the wedding is to be the following night. Mary I of England is about to die and Henry wishes to lay claim on Mary's claim to the English throne. 

Nostradamus has another vision at this announcement; he sees Mary covered in blood and her ladies surrounding a dead body. His other vision is still ringing in Queen Catherine's ears as this marriage will seal her son's fate. Catherine tries to convince Mary to break off the marriage by telling her of Nostradamus's prediction but Mary in unphased, believing it to be just hogwash. Mary confronts Nostradamus, who adds that one of her ladies will die. May leaves, clearly shaken.

Henry decides to end his relationship with Kenna and instead remain with Diane de Poitier. Kenna discovers Diane's plot to place Sebastian on the throne and seeks her revenge by informing Catherine. The Queen uses this information to threaten Diane. She wants the mistress to poison Kenna and leave Henry for good. Diane refuses and leaves the castle.

Mary and her ladies reflect on Nostradamus's skills of prediction. He was correct about predicting Tomas's death afterall. They then remember his predictions about their fate. Aylee is particularly disturbed because Nostradamus had said that she would never return home. She takes a sip out of the cup that was originally given to Kenna and begins to act very queasy afterwards. As she is walking to her rooms, she is pushed down the stairs by Clarissa. Aylee dies in Mary's arms, thus proving Nostradamus's prediction to be true.

For fear of the future, Mary breaks off her engagement to Francis and France and rides off with Basch.

I give this episode 2/5. This episode was rather bland despite the show's attempt to raise the stakes. The high point of this episode is when Henry breaks things off with Kenna. All of Kenna's point were perfectly valid and while you feel a little sorry for her, you have to keep in mind that she sorta brought this on herself.

Let's talk about Aylee's death scene. The death scene -shudders- the death scene! The death scene was definitely off. So Aylee was pushed down the stairs and there is a pool of blood around her head, and yet she is still conscious and able to talk. Also, she's just lying Jenessa Grant, you get a ZERO from me on your acting skills. Aylee was probably the most marginalized of Mary's ladies so her death didn't have the same impact on the audience as it did for Mary.

AGAIN with this will they, won't they! The whole plot point of Catherine telling Mary of the prophecy is negated by the fact that we've been through this so many times, that I don't care anymore. The ending scene was executed so badly. It's so cheesy and comes off as comical rather than depressing. When Francis falls to his knees and calls out to Mary, she's not even that far off so it looks like he's not event trying. Toby Regbo, you get a ZERO from me in facial expression. Francis, I know you can't catch up to her but she's still on your property, you could technically just tell the gatekeeper to shut them in - or at least Basch because at this point, he is still beneath you in position. 

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