Sunday, December 8, 2013

Secret Princes Season 2 (TV Series)

Secret Princes is an American reality TV series, broadcasted on TLC. The premise of the show is four members of international nobility come to American in order to find there Princess. The catch is that they must go undercover to ensure that the girl they find loves them only for themselves and not their title. The second season of Secret Princes premiered on October 25, 2013 and features regular guests appearances by Lord Robert Walter from the previous season. This season takes place in Austin, Texas. The second season of Secret Princes features.....

Alexander Francis Mathews, a relation of the Romanov House through his maternal grandfather, Prince Andrei Alexandrovich, son of Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Russia. He originally used the name "Clint" for his alias but changed it to Tom later in the series. Alexander had very bad luck with women. They were all either engaged or were going away. In the end, he met a yoga instructor, who he took with him to the cotillion where he revealed his secret identity.

Lorenzo Maria Raimondo de' Medici in Campitelli di Calabria, claims to have descent from the Medici family. He called himself "Dean" or "Dino" throughout the series. Because of his lack of funds brought about by his disguise, Lorenzo does not have much luck with women. He meets Rosemary, the daughter of a Caucasian man and his Korean wife, who is supposedly descended  from Korean royalty back in the day. He invites her to the cotillion where he informs her of his true identity and gives her a pearl necklace originally worn by Eleanor de Toledo.

The Right Honourable James Rodd, Lord Renell, the fourth Baron Renell. He went by "Sam" during his stay in Austin although he has slipped up a few times and introduced himself as "James". He is presented as close friends to Lord Robert Walters. Early on in the series, he met a pink haired girl named Kitty. She introduced him to soft ball and Cajun food. She was his date to the cotillion where he told her that he was lying to her the whole time and that he was actually a Peer in the United Kingdom.

The Honourable Oliver Plunkett, the second son of the late Edward Plunkett, 20th Baron of Dunsany in the Peerage of Ireland. His pseudonym was "Luke", after the Star Wars' character. He was the first of the four to obtain the fair hand of a maiden. He met Deena at a poetry slam and his feelings slowly grew for this rebellious feminist. He also met Christie, who fit the classical description of a beauty. Luke ultimately chose Deena, with whom he had far more in common.

I give this series 3.5/5. This season has some of the same problems as last season, namely that the Princes are not actually Princes (and I'm not exactly sure about Lorenzo's heritage because I thought that the male line of the Medici family died out centuries ago), but in a sense it was rather different from the first season. I labelled Lorenzo as this season's Sal, Jame's as Robert, Oliver as Waldo and Alexander as Francesco. Unlike the first season, this season was definitely focused on the "rejects". The addition of Robert in the group turned the tables in the house and it was like Atlanta 2.0, where Robert dominated and everyone was subject to his will. I would have to say my favorite was James (why oh why, did he not call himself Jake because he looks exactly like Jake Gyllenhaal). The problem with the show is that some of the men didn't find the right girl at the beginning so then we had to go through episodes where a girl comes in and leaves the next second. It doesn't make well for continuity and you don't get emotionally invested in their relationships. I wish they had that episode where the girls come over to see how the "Princes" really live because it would have been a breath of fresh air considering the poor conditions they lived in while in Texas.

This season was a lot more chaotic than last season but I think it had a lot more laughs. Will there be a third season? Fingers crossed!