Monday, June 23, 2014

I Wanna Marry Harry (TV Series)

I Wanna Marry Harry is a 2014 reality television show about twelve women vying for the hand of who they think is Prince Henry of Wales. In reality, the bachelor whose affection they seek is Matthew Hicks, a Harry lookalike. The first episode premier on May 20, 2014. The show was cancelled on June 12, 2014 after airing four episodes. The remaining episodes were uploaded onto the next day.

Episode 1 - Leah Tom
Episode 2 - Andrea Fox
Episode 3 - Carley Hawkins
Episode 4 - Chelsea Brookshire (Quit) and Anna Lisa Mattias
Episode 5 - Maggie Toraason
Episode 6 - Jaqueline Conroy and Meghan Ramsey
Episode 7 - Rose Copeland
Episode 8 - Kelley Andrews and Karina Kennedy


I give this show a 2.5/5. For all the criticisms that this show received from me, I have to admit one thing: It was damn good entertainment. The show definitely got better in the later episodes so I'm a little sad that it stopped airing before getting to the good stuff. I've made the comparison between the Bachelor and I Wanna Marry Harry countless times but what I liked about the show is the camaraderie between the girls on the show. They interacted on the show and seemed to be having a lot of fun. Now hold up! Let's talk about the Mean Girls on the show. Anna Lisa was Regina George. She pushed Chelsea closer and closer to the edge until the poor girl fell off. Meghan was another big drama creator in the show but she's a lot like Gretchen Wieners - she's funny. I do believe that she got a lot of undeserved flack from the girls. Although she did get wrapped up in the whole 'OMG HE'S PRINCE HARRY' scenario, she seemed pretty genuine in her person. I liked how she referred to him as babe and their date together was pretty cute. Kelley kept mentioning Meghan rubbing her boobs in his face and at first I was like 'What boobs' but then holy cow - yes, they were big. But I feel that Kelley's criticism against Meghan was on the most part slut shaming which I strongly disapprove of. Ah Rose, our resident Karen Smith, ironically, she was the only person who actually figured out that Matt Hicks is not Prince Harry. KUDOS. I felt kind of sad to see her go because even though she figured out that Matt wasn't actually Harry, she still stuck around to try and get to know him better. Man, I wholeheartedly disliked Kelley. STAGE FIVE CLINGER. Say what you will about Meghan but that girl was more obsessed with the Prince lie than anyone else. If you ask me, she was the conniving woman, trying twice to ruin relations between Matt and the other girls. I'm glad he got rid of her once he knew that she was trying to manipulate him.Y'all know how much I like Karina. She proves herself time and time again that she is an absolutely darling. But I don't mind that Kimberly won. She seems the most down to earth out of all the girls. The money at the end was a good twist and I thought it was sweet that Kimberly accepted him anyways. I probably would have been more concerned that he lied to me rather than a prince but hey, I hear they're still together. I'm hoping for the best for those two <3>

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