Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I Wanna Marry Harry (Episode 3)

I Wanna Marry Harry is a 2014 reality television show about twelve women vying for the hand of who they think is Prince Henry of Wales. In reality, the bachelor whose affection they seek is Matthew Hicks, a Harry lookalike. The first episode premier on May 20, 2014.

Carley Hawkins - Eliminated
Rose Copeland 
Meghan  Ramsey
Maggie Toraason
Kimberly Birch
Kelley Andrews
Karina Kennedy
Jacqueline Conroy
Chelsea Brookshire
Anna Lisa Matias
Andrea Fox - Eliminated
Leah Thom - Eliminated

I give this episode a 3/5. Things are picking up! Let's face it, I'm watching this show for ratchetness not the class of these twelve women. I don't want to see them playing polo unless you make it fun and fill with drams. That's what the show did this week. Dayum girl, that pool party was hot! I'm glad they made it more like the Bachelor in some aspects - more romantical, if you will. They had a three on one date with the "Prince" to a little pond and it was all romantic - like the Notebook as Kelley repeatedly states. I don't particularly like Kelley - a mon avis, she's a bit of an attention whore. I'm saw Carley leaving the house from a mile away. At first I really liked her because she had a 4.0 GPA but that's all that she ever says. She's stand offish, not joining into the fun because of her niece. I agree with Meghan - Carley, you don't have to go all skank on everyone but have a little fun, will ya? I was a little sad last week when Andrew went home but I have a new favorite this week - it's KARINA! She is absolutely gorgeous and she's such a sweet heart. I just love the way that Matt didn't need to kiss her on the lips so develop feelings for her. It was all very touching. Can't wait for her date with "Prince Harry" next week! 

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